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If there was anything known about Vermiis before the 1900s, it has been lost or forgotten. But he speaks with great age and does not relate well to the modern world. When asked where all he has been, Vermiis relates some and then tells of the Mother making him take 'naps' so he doesn't go "crazy". Vermiis is very intolerant of "new" religions or those that take old beliefs and update them to much. Vermiis has slowly been building a Greek cult and a Challenger one as well.

Vermiis is a nomad at heart and to see him in one location for to long, just means he won't be back for awhile when he leaves. And through those travels he has been acclaimed and blamed for many things. His most recent "prized accomplishment" was the blighting of Orlando, FL. He attests to this day that the Blight will leave once the Soul of Orlando is pure. Many other things have been attributed to Vermiis, from summoning "demons" to causing leylines to tap-dance across cities.

For those that follow Vermiis' teachings and ways, his lessons are not easy. He is very fond of saying "Flesh is a trap... it traps the Soul." Vermiis believes in testing not only the Flesh but the Mind. He is a veritable Eye within the Storm that rages around him. Everything is Faith to him... nothing else matters. Those that place Blood or politics first, face Vermiis' wrath and displeasure. And he passes this teaching onto his students as well.

Vermiis is easy to spot... he wears the same cloak everywhere and carrys the same staff with him as well. Snakes seem to be a favorite of his and he displays a number of animal traits. If you are in central Florida, he is hard to miss.

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